Hong Leong Bank Berhad Fortune - Visa

Hong Leong Fortune Card – Visa


    • 1% Real Cash Earnings on your purchases
    • Earn interest on your Real Cash Earnings
    • Up to RM1,800 extra Real Cash Earnings on your card’s anniversary
    • Annual fee waived for life*



Hong Leong Bank Berhad

Minimum Income Requirement (Monthly)


Annual Fee

RM160 *Waiver: 12 transactions/RM8,000 retail spend per year

Interest Rate

  • 15% p.a. – 12 months Prompt payment with min repayment
  • 17% p.a. – 10 months -12 months prompt min repayment
  • 18% p.a. – Others

Cashback/Cash Rebate

Earn 1% real cash on retail spending
Extra real cash earning on card’s anniversary max up to RM1,800

Total annual retail spending Bonus
Equal or more than RM38,000 RM280
Equal or more than RM68,000 RM880
Equal or more than RM108,000 RM1,800

P.S. Real Cash Earnings will earn interest

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