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Public Bank Executive MasterCard Credit Card


  • Earn Premium Points for every retail transaction made
  • Free RM300,000 automatic travel insurance.


Public Bank Berhad

Minimum Requirement (Monthly)


Annual Fee

  • Principal Card: RM88
  • Supplementary Card: RM48

Government Service Tax

Principal Card = RM50 per annum
Supplementary Card = RM25 per annum

Age Eligible

Principal Card = 21 years old
Supplementary Card = 18 years old

Interest Rate

  • 15% per annum – 12 months Prompt payment with min repayment
  • 17% per annum – 10 months – 11 months prompt min repayment
  • 18% per annum – Others
  • 18% per annum – Cash Advance Finance Charges

Key Benefits

  • Unsurpassed security

Protected by state-of-the-art EMV-chip technology that provides the best possible credit card security to ensure that you have total peace of mind when you’re spending.

  • Loyalty points!
    PREMIUMPOINTS will be awarded to you with every retail transaction you make at RM1 = 1 Premium Points, and you can accumulate and spend these points to redeem free premium gifts from our catalogue.
  • A fashion statement as well!
    You may feel like showing off your Card all the time. Depending on the angle you view it from, it changes colour to Lavender, Pink, Turquoise, Grey or Green. It’s the first ever translucent EMV-Chip MasterCard in the world to sport 5 colours in 1!


  • Automatic Travel Insurance – Get Free Travel Insurance of RM300,000 when you charge your full travel arrangements to your Public Bank Visa Classic Credit Card.You can claim:
    • Luggage delay
    • Luggage Loss
    • Flight delay
    • Missed Connecting Flight
    • Trip cancellation
    • Repatriation expenses.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Up to RM300,000

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