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Public Bank Visa Classic Credit Card


  • Earn up to 0.6% unlimited cash back for every ringgit charged
  • Free automatic travel insurance of up to RM350,000


Public Bank Berhad

Minimum Requirement (Monthly)


Annual Fee

  • Principal Card: RM75
  • Supplementary Card: RM45

Government Service Tax

Principal Card = RM50 per annum
Supplementary Card = RM25 per annum

Age Eligible

Principal Card = 21 years old
Supplementary Card = 18 years old

Interest Rate

  • 15% per annum – 12 months Prompt payment with min repayment
  • 17% per annum – 10 months – 11 months prompt min repayment
  • 18% per annum – Others

Key Benefits

  • Earn up to 0.6% cash back for every ringgit spent.
Total Monthly Retail PurchaseCash MegaBonus Tier - Public Bank Visa Classic/MasterCard Standard
Up to RM3,0000.3% Cash Back
Up to RM10,0000.5% Cash Back
Above RM10,0000.6% Cash Back
  • Automatic Travel Insurance – Get Free Travel Insurance of RM350,000 when you charge your full travel arrangements to your Public Bank Visa Classic Credit Card.You can claim:
    • Luggage delay
    • Luggage Loss
    • Flight delay
    • Missed Connecting Flight
    • Trip cancellations
    • Repatriation expenses.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Up to RM350,000

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